With the DEC112 App you can contact a control center via text chat.
You can use it to chat with an emergency call center when you have an emergency.

In addition, health data and the current location can be sent automatically to the emergency call center.
This enables very efficient help.

In Austria you can use it to access the following services:

  • Fire-Brigade (Call 122)
  • Police (Call 133)
  • Ambulance (Call 144)
  • Mountain-Rescue (Call 140)
  • European Emergency (Call 112)
  • Silent Emergency

There is also an emergency call training mode in the DEC112 app.
This way you can learn how to use the app better.

The DEC112 app is also a supplement to deaf SMS (0800 133 133) in Austria.

Personal data and data protection

Information on data protection can be found on our Data Protection page.

The DEC112 app also collects the following data:

  • Analysis data to find and fix errors and prevent misuse (necessary)
  • App usage data (can be disabled in settings)

Analytical data and usage data is exclusively saved on our servers.

DEC112 is not responsible for the data you enter.
You are responsible for ensuring that all personal information is accurate, complete and up-to-date at all times.
For example, you need to change the address in the app if you move.
You must also ensure that the phone number you enter is always up to date.

DEC112 as Emergency Call

Emergency calls issued via the DEC112 app are considered equal to normal phone-based emergency calls.
In this case you are responsible for the emergency service.
This can be an ambulance service for example.

If you abuse this function you will have to pay compensation!
Abuse of emergency calls is illegal and will be punished!

The DEC112 app is only responsible for forwarding your emergency call and not contractor for any further emergency services.

DEC112 uses your data connection to communicate with the emergency call center.
Fees may apply for this.
This depends on your mobile operator and plan.


DEC112 works with the utmost care to ensure that your data is protected in the best possible way.
DEC112 always tries to use the best possible technologies to protect your data.
In addition, all data is transmitted in encrypted form.

However, the storage of the data or the transmission on the Internet can have security gaps.
DEC112 assumes no responsibility for data loss or damage caused by security vulnerabilities.
All data is transmitted at your own risk.


DEC112 does not guarantee that the service will be available or error-free at all times.
Again, use of the DEC112 app is at your own risk.

Note that the success of emergency services depend on many factors.
For example:

  • The accuracy of the transmitted data and messages
  • The environment of the emergency
  • The availability of suitable rescue equipment

Therefore, DEC112 cannot guarantee that the emergency call or subsequent emergency services will be optimally performed.
Above all, the arrival time of the rescue equipment cannot be guaranteed in advance.

DEC112 shall not be liable to its affiliates, contractors or licensors for any damages arising out of or related to the use of the DEC112 App.

User Account

When you register with the DEC112 App, a personal user account is created.
You may not share the account details with any third party.
You are responsible for ensuring that the data is treated securely and confidentially.

If you notice that your account data is being misused, you are obliged to report this to the operators of DEC112 immediately.
DEC112 is not responsible for the unauthorized use of your account information and will not be liable for any damages.


Some content or services may contain material from third parties. These can be links, for example.

DEC112 assumes no responsibility or liability for the Third Party Materials.


You are not authorized to change, rent, lend, sell, copy or distribute all or part of the app. The DEC112 app may only be used for private purposes.
In addition, you may not make any unauthorized or abusive use of the DEC112 App.

DEC112 reserves the right to partially or fully discontinue operations.
This can also happen without prior notice.


If you have any questions about the DEC112, please email us at info@dec112.at.

Further contact details can be found on our Contact page.