Welcome to our Chatbot Data Sharing Consent page. Here, we prioritise your privacy and control over your chat messages. By navigating through this section, you'll learn how your messages are handled, shared, and protected, ensuring your informed consent every step of the way.

Purpose: conversations will be used to improve training for call takers; all personal information, such as address, phone number, and email, is removed before permanent storage


  • your chat messages together with the automatically generated text from the chatbot (addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses are automatically removed)
  • your rating of the conversation

Processing methods: we store, query, analyse, and anonymise your chat messages

Retention period: no personally identifiable information is collected in your chat messages (messages are considered anonymised), therefore a retention period does not apply

Storage restrictions: the data is only allowed to be stored and processed in the European Economic Area (EEC)

Data sharing / third parties: all data will be handled by OwnYourData as a Data Intermediation Service Provider and is only disclosed to Emergency Response Organisations under the above defined restrictions

Privacy rights: the competent jurisdiction for any legal matters arising is Vienna; in case you want to withdraw your consent later write an email to office@ownyourdata.eu

last modified / effective date: 2024-02-09