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DEC112 New App Features

The latest version of the DEC112 app for Android and iOS includes two major features and some improvements that affect the user interface and the processes in the app. The test mode has been completely revised. There is a separate button in the header on the left with which the test mode can be switched on and off. If the test mode is activated via this button, the color scheme of the app changes to make the different modes clearly recognizable. Other emergency numbers are also displayed on the emergency call buttons. While the app is in test mode, different bots can be reached under the emergency number with which chatting can be practiced. The bots react differently to inputs, so that it is always possible to run through slightly different scenarios. Furthermore, it is also possible to send ready-made text modules during an emergency call, such as: the current position, the specified address or even texts such as “I’m on fire”.

Another new feature is the improved registration wizard. The user is guided through the necessary steps the first time they log in and can use the app immediately after successfully completing the registration.

The DEC112 app is now also available in different languages. We currently support German, English, Spanish, French and Romanian. The language and the country can be selected when registering, but can also be changed later via the settings directly in the app.

The entry of user data has been removed from the registration wizard, since only the telephone number is relevant for a successful registration. The user can add his data at any time and also decide on a storage method. You can save on the device or save the data in an OwnYourData data vault.

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