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DECTS project – successful closure

In the NGI funded DECTS project we developed several technologies for secure and traceable data exchange to improve emergency chat handling by:

  1. Deploying consent management technology for sensitive data exchange,
  2. allowing purpose base data sharing during an emergency chat, and
  3. roll-out of the existing solution at European level.

The resulting software artefacts allow users and other initiatives to manage sensitive data while protecting privacy even when sharing data. Although the project focused on the deaf emergency chat use case, the developed software artefacts have been made applicable to other use-cases where users collect and share sensitive data. Additionally, the following other outputs have been made available:

Requirements Document
Design Document
Data Management Plan
Consensus Management App
Semantic Container
Purpose-based Data Provisioning
Emergency Service Infrastructure
DEC112 App: iOS version, Android version

We would like to thank NGI_TRUST for this opportunity and the great support during the course of this project!

Big thanks also to all project partners who made this project such a success!

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