The protection of your personal data is a big concern to us. All data processing is only done according to currently applicable, legal requirements. In this document we want to inform you about the most important aspects of data processing in the DEC112 emergency services.

Essentially, all data is encrypted during transport and can not be read by other parties.

DEC112 core services

Data that is processed during emergency calls.

Data is transmitted through the DEC112 core services to the responsible call center.
The responsiblity is dependent on the location, which the caller is located at the time of making the emergency call.

Processing of data within the responsible call center is not covered in this document explicitly.
Call centers may automatically translate text messages, if the emergency call is in a foreign language.

Kinds of data

  • Phone number
  • Geolocation (GPS)
  • Transmitted emergency messages
  • Other, personal data that has been stated by the caller (e.g. name, address, email...)

Retention period

2 years


  • Proof for correct routing of emergency calls.
  • Replicability of emergency calls in case of errors during routing.
  • Replicability of errors. 
  • Improvement of emergency services

DEC112 Registration service

Data that is processed during a registration through the DEC112 registration service.

Kinds of data

  • Phone number

Retention period

3 months


  • Legally required verification to prohibit anonymous emergency calls.
  • Prevention of abuse.