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DEC112 Software

DEC112 offers flexible components for easy integration of emergency solutions with NG112 core services. Our services adhere to standards TS 103 479 and TS 103 698, for ensuring full compatibility with NG112 components provided by other vendors.

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Software Development Kit (SDK)

for apps, PSAPs and the internet of things
based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

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Open-Source SDK for integration with NG112 core services

The ng112-js SDK enables easy and standards compliant integration of apps or public safety answer points into an NG112 compatible systems.

It covers the ETSI standards TS 103 479 and TS 103 698 and provides a flexible API for developers, allowing the integration of new and existing software solutions into NG112 core services.

Integration for PSAPs


NG112 emergency chat integration

DEC112 PSAP provides integration of text-based emergency chats into existing PSAP systems.

Using triggers (e.g. via HTTP) emergency data can be transmitted to the PSAP (e.g. via JSON), allowing for direct interaction with the call within the PSAP system.

DEC112 Viewer

Web-based emergency client

DEC112 Viewer enables entirely web-based emergency call processing (chat, localization ...).

In combination with the DEC112 PSAP trigger a comprehensive integration of NG112 emergency calls into existing PSAP infrastructure can be achieved.

Integration for apps and IoT devices via HTTP

DEC112 Alert

HTTP to NG112

Using DEC112 Alert HTTP enabled services can be integrated into NG112 infrastructures.

Flexible adapters allow for the integration of various systems, like IoT devices, SMS gateways or existing emergency systems and apps.

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DEC112 Reg-API

SIP subscriber management

The DEC112 Reg-API provides simple SIP subscriber management for users of NG112 infrastructures.

Users are verified using email or SMS verification and authenticated for use of NG112 services.

Darstellung der Beziehung zwischen Speicher für personenbezogene Daten, DEC112 App und Operatoren


Personal profile data can be saved locally on the mobile phone or in the cloud in a personal data store. Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) enable self-determined handling of this data.

Monitoring and testing of NG112 core services

DEC112 Tester

Automated monitoring
of NG112 core services

The DEC112 tester allows for automated monitoring and fault detection for NG112 services.

Optional status management enables dynamic re-routing of emergency calls and provides transparent error-management for users.

Schematische Darstellung von Monitoring

NG112 Browser-Tool

Adaptable test-tool for browsers

The NG112 browser-tool allows for issuing emergency calls within web browsers.

It supports freely configurable SIP headers, easy adaptation of PIDF-LO location information and supports NG112 LMPE messaging.