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DEC112 - the accessible emergency app

The DEC112 app allows to chat with an emergency response center in case of an emergency. Using text-chat you ask for professional help.

In addition, the current location and health data (optional) are sent to the emergency call center automatically. This allows for rapid help.

In Austria you can use it to access the following services:

  • Fire-Brigade (Call 122)
  • Police (Call 133)
  • Ambulance (Call 144)
  • Mountain-Rescue (Call 140)
  • European Emergency (Call 112, Police)
  • Silent Emergency (Police)

There is also an emergency call training mode in the DEC112 app.
This way you can learn how to use the app better.

The DEC112 app is also a supplement to deaf SMS (0800 133 133) in Austria.

The DEC112 app is...

Frequently asked questions


Emergency calls issued via the DEC112 app are considered equal to normal phone-based emergency calls.
In this case you are responsible for the emergency service.
This can be an ambulance service for example.

If you abuse this function you will have to pay compensation!
Abuse of emergency calls is illegal and will be punished!

The DEC112 app is only responsible for forwarding your emergency call and not contractor for any further emergency services.

Currently the app can only be used in Austria.

Android users who do not have Google Play Services installed can directly download the Android installation package (apk):
Android APK Download
SHA256: e658c9a7c667a8e90366aedc4642f51fc0e497a786a42c0ea1fa4c077865b0e0


Due to legal obligations every user must register.
Registration takes place after the first start of the app.

Please ensure you are using the latest version of the DEC112 app.

Here you can download the latest app version:

Yes, there is a dedicated test emergency call!

The test mode can be activated via the "Test" button within the app. After that you can chat with our test emergency control room. All messages sent by you will be returned to you automatically.


Currently the DEC112 app only supports text based emergency calls. Audio or video emergency calls are not supported.

There is no listening function for the emergency control room either.

In order for the response team to quickly arrive at the right destination, your current location is tracked during emergency calls. 

Emergency calls are always directed to the most appropriate emergency control center, depending on your current location.

Police emergency calls, Silent Emergencies and emergency calls to 112 are handled by the police of each federal country.

Emergency calls to rescue services are handled by:

  • Tyrol: Leitstelle Tirol
  • Vorarlberg: Rettungs- und Feuerwehrleitstelle Vorarlberg

All other emergency calls are handled by Notruf Niederösterreich.

We are already working on cooperations with other emergency control rooms, allowing to route emergency calls to the respective federal country.

All data will be saved on your smartphone. Only in case of an emergency this data is transmitted to our system and to the responsible emergency control center.

Details about our data processing can be found in our privacy protection policy.