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Silent Emergency within the DEC112 app

Silent Emergency in Austria complements the barrier-free and text-based DEC112 emergency call. Calling for help can be done almost unnoticed.

With the simple press of a button the police is notified and a response unit is sent to the calling person. Communication during the Silent Emergency is kept to a minimum. A Silent Emergency is particularly useful in situations of acute threats or violence, as the emergency call can be issued nearly unnoticed.

Contrary to a normal audio emergency call important data is transmitted in the background. This includes the current location, the caller's address and additional, personal data. Furthermore there is the possibility to chat with the emergency control center silently.

Questions and answers

Registration ensures that your phone number is verified and is required due to legal requirements. This helps us to prevent misuse of emergency calls .

Your telephone number will only be stored on our servers for a short period of time and removed afterwards (also see Data Protection).

Personal data is only stored within the app. Only in case of an emergency call personal data is transmitted to the emergency control room. Solely your telephone number will be stored on our servers during user registration (also see Data Protection).

Right after issuing an emergency call all personal data is transmitted to the emergency control room. Furthermore your phone's battery level and current position is transmitted to the emergency control room.

A Silent Emergency is always directed to the police. It must only be used in cases, where normal speech-based emergency calls are not possible (e.g. in case of violence in private sphere).

At a Silent Emergency communication is kept to a minimum. Furthermore the caller's stored address is transmitted automatically.

In most cases there is no communication at all and the police is sent to the caller's address.

Police can only help if the caller's exact location is known.

In any case the current GPS position is sent to the emergency control room. Every 20 seconds the position is determined again and updated.

However, there can be difficulties in story buildings, if only GPS data without detailed address information is known. Therefore address information is crucial, in addition to GPS data.

Every person can use the Silent Emergency.

It must only be used in cases of acute danger, where a normal emergency call can not be issued.

The Silent Emergency must if a normal emergency call can be issued securely!

At the moment the Silent Emergency can not be tested. However, we are already working on a test facility for the Silent Emergency.

We are happy about feedback and improvement requests. You can contact us via !

Following features will be available within the app in the future:

  • Translation to other languages